About Bergen International Cultural Center

Bergen International Cultural Center was started in 1993 as a multicultural meeting place where immigrant organizations in Hordaland could belong to and develop culturally.

Over the years, it has developed into an important hub for inclusion, diversity and cultural exchange.

A multicultural meeting place for residents of Hordaland.

An international cultural center for both professional and amateur culture.

A meeting place where members can unfold culturally.

A cultural center with both its own cultural production and collaboration with other cultural players.

Today, Bergen International Cultural Center is a voluntary organization with operating support from Bergen Municipality. We have approx. 70 member organizations. The members elect a board that is responsible for the operation of the center. Bergen International Cultural Center shares members with Vestland Immigrant Council and also has offices next door. We work to ensure that the users of the center feel a sense of belonging to the place and can provide advice and support for cultural events with us.

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