Culture Prize

The board created in 2014 a separate cultural award for the Bergen International Cultural Center. The culture prize must be an annual prize, and is intended to be a motivation for organizations and groups that contribute to creating a vibrant culture house and good community through cultural work. The award will also encourage member organizations to cooperate, and to create and arrange cultural events that contribute to inclusion and community at Bergen International Cultural Center.

Culture prize winner 2021 - Tara Ali Twana

The Culture Prize 2021 was awarded to Tara Ali Twana for inclusive and engaging contributions as a theater director, and as a good ambassador for children's theater at the cultural center. Since 2017 Tara has regularly collaborated with the cultural center, and led our theater groups for children of all ages 6-12 year. Tara was also already from 2002 with at the old cultural center, where she worked on her own projects and put on performances.
Tara helps to sow small sprouts of artist joy in children, and parents are clearly proud when they get to join the show to see what the children have practiced.
Bergen International Cultural Center is proud to call her one of ours, and we hope she continues the good cooperation with us. Congratulations so much on the well deserved award Tara.

Culture Prize 2020 - Multinational Women's Community, MKF in Bergen

Multinational Women's Community in Bergen – MKF was awarded the culture prize 2020 for their engaging and highly inclusive work for
women with a minority background.
Since the start in 1998 They have focused on important topics that affect women of all ages, and holds regular theme meetings and "decoration parties" both at the cultural center and elsewhere.
MKF in Bergen is able in a warm and inclusive way to engage people across generations and cultural backgrounds, and to create safe meeting places and gatherings for their target groups. We are proud to have MKF Bergen as a member.

Culture Prize 2019 - Danitza Rogers Olea

The Culture Prize was awarded to Danitza for her extremely engaging and inclusive contribution, through his passion for dance. Flamenco Talento which is her own dance school was founded in 2006, and all teaching took place at the cultural center. She also had her first Flamenco performance at the cultural center in 2008 with packed hall. Danitza helps to create diversity and great dancing joy among the city's inhabitants. Danitza is an excellent communicator and educator, and Bergen International Cultural Center is proud to call her one of ours.

Culture Prize 2016 - Abu Adonaba

The Culture Prize was awarded to Abu Adonaba for his special commitment and inclusive contribution to making the Bergen International Cultural Center a living culture house. I over 10 years he has held weekly courses in African drumming, African dance for adults and not least Rhythm toys for children. Through his activities at the cultural center, both he and his family have been an excellent communicator of African cultural heritage and music . Abu is a good ambassador for the cultural center as a multicultural meeting place. Many people from Bergen, young and old have become acquainted with the cultural center through Abu and his inclusive cultural expression.

Culture Prize 2015 - The Joint Immigrant Council in Hordaland, DFIRH

The Culture Prize was awarded to the members of the Immigration Council's special commitment, they were the driving force behind the founding of the Bergen International Cultural Center. Since the beginning, they have fought for a separate cultural center for immigrants and their organizations in Bergen and in Hordaland. They fought for all these groups to have their own house for cultural exchange and diversity. A place where Bergen could meet the world. Without DFIRH, there would never have been a Cultural Center.

Culture Prize 2014 - The magic rainbow

The artist group The Magic Rainbow was awarded the culture prize for 2014. As co-organizer of BarneBIKS / family Saturday, they have excelled with their commitment to disseminating international art and culture.. They have helped to create a good and inclusive cultural offer for children and families with children that has been both educational, entertaining and creative. They have also motivated and inspired other cultures- and artist groups who want to contribute to a colorful and diverse cultural program at the cultural center.