Bergen International Folk Dance Club

- boundless dance joy

We arrange dance courses for those who are interested in other countries' culture and traditions. We mostly stick to dances from other European countries,and especially ring - dances from the countries around the Balkans, to both traditional and new music. You can come alone or with someone, partner is not required.

We arrange courses at different levels. Beginner course where you learn what we call basic dances, dances that contain all the elements you will find in more advanced dances, as you learn in our advanced courses. Courses for seniors who have been dancing for a while, and courses for those who have danced a long time, and who wants dances that challenge both dance skills and fitness.

All our courses are held at Bergen International Cultural Center in Fensal, Kong Oscarsgt. 15

Start-up in the autumn 2021

Thursday 30 September at 19:00

Contact Us : Mail to Gro Helland,