Rhythm play for children in between 3 and 6 year

Rhythm play includes both movement, singing and playing drums and rhythm instruments. Children get to explore drum sounds and in the dance they get to feel the rhythms and music on the body. It focuses on the children's rhythmic experience and development, and on their spontaneous and free movement. African rhythm game is suitable for all children in between 3 and 6 year, but there is no absolute age limit. Here there is a lot of fun with rhythms and dancing!

Start-up spring 2024,
on Mondays at 17:15 – 18:00.
4. etg Bergen International Cultural Center – Kong Oscarsgate 15.
Award: 500,- (10 weeks)
Read article in the newspaper Children in the City: Sweat and drum.

Sign up for abu@adonaba.com / 916 84 519