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NB! We point out that capacity for the number of guests and the audience has been reduced in the time ahead due to Covid-19. We follow current rules for infection control!

For rent of other rooms please contact post@bergeninternasjonalekultursenter.no

Rental Information

We prefer to rent our premises to open cultural events, course, seminars and conferences.
Monday to Thursday afternoons / evenings are reserved for regular activities at the house.

National Day celebrations under the auspices of our members have preferential rights on premises when booking a minimum of three months before National Day celebrations..


Our most beautiful hall is rented out for whole days, daytime or afternoon/evening

  • 08:00-16:00
  • 21:00-02:30

Prices include use of sound system via control panel, headlights on stage, security and cleaning after event.

  • Setup of accessories such as monitor and the like, will be added to the price and must be arranged well in advance.
  • For concerts and renting a mixing desk and sound technician, there is a supplement of NOK 4 500,-
  • We also offer rental of full Backline using our sound technicians.
  • The tenant must himself apply for a grant from the municipality well in advance of the event.

Rent Fensal weekend

afternoon / evening

Rent Fensal day time

Sat / Sun 7 am 08:00-16:00:

man - Friday at 8:00-16:00:

For inquiries and information about rent, send an email:

* Members of the Bergen International Cultural Center and the Vestland Immigrant Council must be valid
membership and paid membership fee within 28. February this year, to get a membership price. Medlemspris gjelder kun for åpne kulturarrangementer.


Daytime at 08:00-16:00

NB: No arrangement of alcohol allowed in this room.


Booking Conditions:

  • The wish for a price reduction must be applied to the Board well in advance of the event.
  • The renter is responsible for all equipment and fixtures and any damage to this when it is not due to natural wear and tear. Losses and damage to fixtures and fittings MUST be replaced. The tenant has a duty to notify if the fixtures and fittings are damaged or lost.
  • Use of smoke machine, candles and confetti are prohibited.
  • The tenant is obliged to familiarize himself with escape routes and current fire instructions.
  • The premises must be returned in the same condition as received: Equipment and fixtures are put in place, the tables are washed with a damp cloth, spills are dried, boss is carried down into containers, the windows close and lights go out.
  • The tenant must apply for a permit. Granted voucher must be in the bar.
  • No alcohol after hours. 02:00.
  • Music should be closed no later than 2 p.m.. 02:15, and all guests must be out of the room no later than 2 pm. 02:30.
  • The lease agreement is not valid until the invoice for rent has been paid within the payment deadline on the invoice.
  • No poster hanging or decor on the walls with tape or nails.
  • The event can be canceled at the latest 21 days before the due date unless otherwise agreed. The advance is not refunded.