Friday 20 October // Cafe Sanaa

Saturday 21. October // Bergen International Cultural Center

Thursday 2 November

Friday 3 November

Saturday 4 November

We are proud to launch the Movement network – a festival collaboration with organizers in five Norwegian cities, which come together to present artists from around the world this fall 2022! We look forward to collaborating with a fantastic group from Tromsø World Festival, Oslo World, world template & Ibsenhuset!
First artists out are:

The Bergen International Music Festival has been in its current form ever since 2008. But already in 2005 Bergen International Cultural Center organized the first of three world music festivals(VME) during International Week. The aim was to present artists with roots in the immigrant communities in Norway, to show how Norwegian music had become richer and more diverse through immigration.

Since that time, we have worked closely with International Week and the UN Association, including concerts during International Folklore and family concerts.

The festival has presented both international and local artists, established stars and curious newcomers, as well as collaborative projects across musical and geographical boundaries.

We have brought in artists from most corners of the world, like for example: Tuft, India, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Spain, Argentina, Mali, Bosnia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Kenya, Ghana, Gambia, Morocco, Somalia, Iran, Congo.

The concert offer is for people of all ages, with their own youth night, kindergarten and family concert.

The concert arena has been at Bergen International Cultural Center in recent years. In the beginning it was a city-wide festival that went over 9 days and 2 weekends, and in addition to its own premises, arenas such as the USF Yard were used, Ole Bull Scene, The cave, Headquarters, Landmark, Korskirken, Grand Banqueting, Grieg Hall, The Music Pavilion itself and the Torgallmenningen at Folkefest during International Week.

Through the festival we have also organized workshops between the artists and local forces.

Partner up over the years: International Week, Nattjazz, Columbi Egg, BIFF, Hyssingen Production School participated in both technical prod. and catering.

Bergen International Cultural Center is behind the festival, which is largely supported by the City of Bergen. Other contributors are the UN Association of South West with International Week, which runs at the same time as our festival. Hordaland County Municipality, Music Equipment Scheme, Arts Council, Fana Sparebank, Sparebanken Vest, de Bergenske et al.

The festival provides a unique opportunity for our immigrant organizations to bring in great artists that mean a lot to them, as well as being an important venue for our local musicians and artists, which has not always been available in other venues around the city. The target group has been and still is a child, young and adults.

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