Bergen International Cultural Center 25 year

28.november 2018 was invited to the grand celebration of the Bergen International Cultural Center which was started in 1993. At the same time we celebrated 10 year anniversary of our own festival, Bergen International Music Festival and the Joint Immigrant Council (now Vestland Immigrant Council) his 30 year anniversary.

Through 25 For years, the Bergen International Cultural Center has been an important multicultural meeting place for the population in Bergen and the surrounding area. It has been a hub for diversity, cultural exchange and inclusion. Here, both multicultural and Norwegian organizations meet for activities within a wide range of cultural expressions.

The background for the establishment of the Bergen International Cultural Center was that a wish had long been expressed by the immigrant population / organizations through the Joint Immigrant Council in Hordaland, DFIRH. Several cities already had established international cultural centers. In the beginning, the cultural center was run by Bergen Municipality, and the organizations associated with the center were diligent users. It was a cafe operation with international food, children's toys, youth program and regular activities, as well as events on the weekends under the auspices of the organizations.

I 2004 Bergen International Cultural Center was transformed into a user-driven organization with 85 member organizations with operating support from Bergen Municipality. Until 2007 The Cultural Center was located in Eldoradogården, but had to move on to Fensal in Kong Oscar gate 15.

After 25 This year, the Bergen International Cultural Center is still an important arena, both for new and old users. It has become a safe and well-established arena that is diligently used by both children, young people and adults with affiliation to various immigrant communities in the Bergen area. The number of visitors has been closer 30 000 annually in recent years.

Bergen International Cultural Center collaborates with both professionals and amateurs, in addition to having its own production of various projects such as cultural activities for children and young people, concert series and Bergen International Music Festival.

Bergen International Cultural Center will continue to be an inclusive place, where everyone feels at home.