DIVERSE UNIVERSE International Nomadic Festival 14th of May

For the fourth consecutive year DIVERSE UNIVERSE International Nomadic Performance Festival 
is coming to Bergen. 
3,14 invites to a performance evening at Bergen Internasjonal Kultursenter (BIKS), 14th of May at 19:00, 4th floor.

•The Physical Poets:
Himeko Narumi (JPN)
Mushimaru Fuijeda (JPN)
Go Yoshinaga (JPN)
• Ouija (NYC)
• Niña Yhared (MEX)
• Michel Ruths (FIN)
• 1 KA (FRA)
• Terho Sire (FIN)
• 2shea (NYC)

Diverse Universe is a nomadic performance festival, traveling through the- East-South-West and North Europe, uniting artists from all-across the World. The Festival is sharing high quality Performance Art and Live Art with audiences from all over Europe in different cities.